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Biological och energy waste

Daily kitchen waste is source separated into biological och energy waste. Biological fractions (biologically degradable) should be placed into black plastic bags and energy fractions into coloured bags. Only one waste bin is needed for both black and coloured bags.

Daily kitchen waste is then transported to Jakobstad, where the waste is separated on an optical separating line using an optical separator. The biological fractions are transported to a biogas plant owned by ASJ Stormossen, outside Vaasa, while the energy fractions are utilised by a biogas engine for energy production. The coloured bags are transferred by conveyors to the factory Ewapower Ab Oy, where they are crushed and become recycled fuel.

Approximately 60 tonnes of waste is delivered to the optical separating line daily; on a yearly basis this makes approximately 15 600 tonnes of waste. This means that 130 kg of waste is produced per person in the Ekorosk region annually.