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Waste disposal


Ecopoints are meant for household waste such as glass, small metal objects, paper, cardboard and batteries. Ecopoints are located near markets, shopping centres and in small residential areas. Approximately 243 Ecopoints are located in the Ekorosk region.

» Search for the nearest ecopoint in your region (in Finnish)

Recycling stations

There are 24 recycling stations situated in the Ekorosk region to ensure that every community has at least one station. Recycling stations are receiving stations that accept bulky household waste, such as sorted construction waste, textile waste, plastic, scrap metal and hazardous waste. Hazardous waste includes fluorescent lamps, radiators, solvents, pesticides, glue, paint and batteries. Before bringing the waste to the nearest recycling station people are expected to separate their waste at home. All stations are controlled by an operator, who checks the incoming material.

» Search for the nearest recycling station in your region (in Finnish)