Ostrobothnia waste committee

Waste management in Finland is regulated by legislation, regulations and municipal waste management regulations. The common goal of this regulatory framework is to support sustainable development by promoting the rational use of natural resources. The intention is to prevent and combat the danger and damage that waste causes to health and the environment.

The Ostrobothnia waste committee (fi Pohjanmaan jätelautakunta, swe Österbottens avfallsnämnd) upholds the joint municipal waste management regulations in Ekorosk’s area. The waste management regulations include provisions on the collection, sorting, storage, transfer, recycling or treatment of waste and on the technical requirements that apply to these functions. The application of the waste management regulations can be supplemented by directives decided by the waste committee.

Ostrobothnia waste committee is a statutory municipal waste management authority for all 10 municipalities that are part-owners of Ab Ekorosk Oy. The City of Jakobstad is the municipality responsible for the inter-municipal authority.

Read more about the waste management regulations on the Ostrobothnia waste committee’s website (only in Finnish or Swedish). You will also find various forms for notifications and applications on the waste committee’s webpages (only in Finnish or Swedish).