The invoice from Ekorosk contains three different fees: flat fee, handling fee and transportation fee.

The flat fee is based on the number of persons in the household. The handling fee is determined based on the size of the waste container. The transportation fee is the waste transporters’ fee for emptying your container and transporting the waste.

Feecontains VAT 24%
Flat fee
Household of 1-2 persons4,13 €/month
Household of > 3 persons5,94 €/month
High rises and row houses > 5 apartments3,87 €/month
Handling fee
Biological fractions / Energy fractions8,82 €/m³
140 l waste container:1,24 €/transportation
240 l waste container:2,12 €/transportation
300 l waste container:2,64 €/transportation
360 l waste container:3,17 €/transportation
600 l waste container:5,29 €/transportation