Opening hours: 

The eco-points are open around the clock.

Contact person: 

Mats Koivusalo, tel. (06) 781 4547, mats.koivusalo(at) 

Fees at the Eco-points:

Households are allowed to bring the waste materials accepted at the eco-point free of charge. No other waste may be brought to the eco-points. Corporate waste is not accepted at the eco-points.

The eco-points in this municipality, their addresses, coordinates and the waste materials they accept can be found in the lists below. You can bring batteries, glass packaging, metal and paper to the eco-point. Some eco-points also have collection containers for cardboard and plastic packaging. Further instructions on sorting at the eco points can be found under sorting.

No other waste may be brought to the eco-point. If you find something inappropriate at the eco-point, please contact Ekorosk on tel. 06 781 4500 or info(a)

Sorting instructions

  • Batteries
  • Glass packaging
  • Metal
  • Paper
  • Cardboard
  • Plastic packaging

Ecopoints - Ekorosk

Ecopoint Address Glass Metal Paper Cardboard Batteries
Haapikylä Ala-Aste Esantie 28, Evijärvi
Lat: 63.332050, Lng: 23.435583
x x x x
Ina Seurantie 82, Evijärvi
Lat: 63.4518, Lng: 23.5309
x x x x
Jokikylä Urheilukenttä Jokikyläntie 163, Evijärvi
Lat: 63.351600, Lng: 23.542050
x x x x
Kivijärvenkylä Lepistönmäentie 65, Evijärvi
Lat: 63.336517, Lng: 23.299217
x x x x
Kuoppa-Aho Voltintie 1, Evijärvi
Lat: 63.363017, Lng: 23.457400
x x x x
Särkikylä Alatalontie 1, Evijärvi
Lat: 63.373983, Lng: 23.608400
x x x x
Vasikka-Ahon Lähikauppa Vasikka-Ahontie 70, Evijärvi
Lat: 63.421700, Lng: 23.345883
x x x x

Ecopoints - Rinki

Ecopoint Address Plastic Glass Metal Paper Cardboard Batteries
Rinki Kauppatie Kauppatie 2,Evijärvi
Lat: 63.3665762, Lng: 23.4780933
x x x x x